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Elevating Seattle’s Skyline With Premium Building Facades

At AMS, we turn your vision for a resilient and stunning exterior into reality. As pioneers in facade architecture solutions tailored for Seattle’s distinctive climatic demands and architectural tastes, we excel in providing top-tier materials and impeccable service.

Explore our diverse range of materials and read through our customer reviews to understand why architects, installers, and builders across Seattle place their trust in AMS. Whether you’re looking for classic facades or cutting-edge rainscreen systems, we offer premium materials that are engineered to endure, inspire, and transform your architectural projects.


Featured Materials

Explore these featured materials, tailored to Seattle's architectural needs. From the richness of natural slate rainscreen and beautiful fiber cement panels to sleek painted aluminum panels, discover how our top selections enhance durability and aesthetic appeal for any project.

Cassette Panel

Sophisticated Exterior Facade

Sleek metal cladding offers a sophisticated design that caters to the innovative spirit of Seattle.

Painted aluminum panels from AMS are customized in any color and utilize industry-leading Fluropolymer-based paints for a durable, environmentally friendly finish. These premium paints provide superior resistance to fading, chalking, and weathering, ensuring that the panels maintain their modern appearance for years to come.

This Cassette Panel exterior facade articulates a high-tech aesthetic while echoing the refined beauty of Seattle architecture, seamlessly blending contemporary materials with the city's distinctive style.

The clean lines and precise craftsmanship of the panels contribute to a sophisticated, polished look that enhances the visual appeal of any building facade.

Equitone Fiber Cement Panels

Equitone's fiber cement facade panels offer durability and design flexibility for timeless, classic facades.

These through-color fiber cement facade panels showcase the raw, untreated texture of the base material, offering a unique aesthetic that complements Seattle's diverse architectural landscape.

Expertly crafted to highlight the inherent beauty of fiber cement, the panels provide a striking and honest expression of the material itself.

With Equitone panels from AMS, you have the freedom to create a subtle, elegant appearance or make a bold architectural statement, all while enjoying the confidence that comes with using a high-quality, durable product.

CUPACLAD slate facade

Sustainable Rainscreen Cladding Solutions

In Seattle's wet climate, protecting your building from moisture is crucial.

AMS offers CUPACLAD's natural slate rainscreen cladding system in a range of solutions that blend seamlessly with Seattle's unique architectural style and wet climate. The high-durability tectonic slate, innovative fastening, and rainscreen efficiency make CUPACLAD a competitive and sustainable choice.

This system is perfect for the environmentally conscious design community in the Pacific Northwest. The natural beauty and longevity of the cladding complement the region's emphasis on green building practices.

With this system, architects can create stunning, long-lasting facades that contribute to the commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Featured Projects

Take a moment to explore our gallery of featured commercial projects in Seattle, where AMS materials have been used to elevate and enhance various properties. Each project highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in architectural solutions.

Why Choose AMS

  • Expertise in Local Trends

    With deep roots and extensive experience in Seattle, we have a profound understanding of the region's architectural styles and environmental demands.

  • High-Quality Materials

    We are meticulously selective and only work with the finest materials, including Equitone, CEI Materials, CupaClad, LUX, and more, to guarantee superior performance and durability.

  • Commitment to Sustainability

    Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to include environmental responsibility. We prioritize eco-friendly solutions that contribute to building a sustainable future.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer customized options tailored to meet the unique requirements of your specific projects, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

  • Trusted by Professionals

    Our longstanding reputation as a reliable partner is endorsed by many of Seattle’s leading architects, installers, and builders.

Your Partner in Architectural Excellence

Choosing the right materials for your building's facade goes beyond aesthetics; it's a pivotal decision that affects durability, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. At AMS, we conduct thorough research and draw on deep industry knowledge to provide you with facade solutions that meet the highest quality standards and align perfectly with the specific demands of Seattle's building codes.

With our expert guidance, you'll feel well-informed and confident, ready to make a decision that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property but also enhances its functionality and value. Trust AMS to help you navigate the complexities of material selection with ease and expertise.

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