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Architectural Metal Solutions

AMS works individually with clients to clearly understand their architectural material needs. We see ourselves as one part of the entire picture.

Architects, contractors, installers, and manufacturers traditionally provide design and construction services separately and at different times during a project. Often the various groups don’t collaborate on issues pertaining to the client. Changes, updates, and upgrades from one group often fail to make it to everyone involved.


AMS is a trusted partner to manufacturers, installers, and contractors alike. Collaborating on a wide variety of projects, including award-winning building projects, have earned us a solid reputation for knowledge.

High Performance

AMS focuses on strategies for providing high-performance materials for long-lasting building exteriors. We work with the top manufacturers in the industry to account for every aspect of exterior construction products.


AMS is a team of experienced industry veterans with over 50 years of combined industry experience. For every project, we learn all aspects so we’re prepared and seldom surprised. We embrace experience as a teacher.

Featured Materials

AMS building facades of the Embassy Suites-Hawk Tower in Seattle, WA.

Providing Exceptional Products, Value, & Service

At AMS, we support both the design community and our customers from project conception to completion. We have earned a quality reputation as one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading suppliers of exterior building envelope materials such as high-density fiber cement, phenolic compact panels, extruded aluminum plate panels, ventilated and closed joint rainscreens, state of the art pressure equalized rainscreen system as well as metal roofing and siding.

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