Vista North Pearl Condominiums

About Vista North Pearl Condominiums

The combination of the recessed lines of Equitone Linea in combination with Equitone Tectiva animates the intensity of light and shadow, creating expressive patterns along the building. The textural palette of warm and cool tones responds to the shadow play on the exterior of the building and references Portland’s shifting weather patterns. The Eastern and Western facades are expressive and sculpted with the brightly colored cementitious finish of the decks working as a backdrop for the plants, umbrellas, and other elements of residential outdoor living.

AMS currently stocks and fabricates 7 of Equitone’s most popular finishes, including Linea LT20 and Tectiva TE20 locally for expedited turnaround and installation of material ensuring a successful project that is delivered on time.

Project Details


  • Equitone Fiber Cement
  • Linea LT20 and Tectiva TE20 material combination


Portland, Oregon


BORA Architecture

General Contractor

Andersen Construction

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