Woodland Planks

Transcend Wood Facade

AMS has created an exciting new program for the commercial and residential building community.

Woodland Planks has the beauty of a wood facade without maintenance issues common with natural wood. They can be fabricated at select angles to give your project that signature look that is aesthetically beautiful from every viewpoint.

Utilizing Abet Laminati wood facade materials, Woodland Planks are offered in standard and custom widths and lengths. Woodland Planks in Classic and Classic Plus formats are readily available in featured materials.

  • Flexible

    No project is too big or too small. The flexibility Woodland Planks allows lends to all types of projects – commercial & residential.

  • Simple Installation

    With the manageable format, Woodland Planks is easily installed, and adjustments can be made in the field. No fabrication is needed.

  • Maintenance

    Woodland Planks have a zero legacy of maintenance, making additional painting, sealing, or coating unnecessary. Once your panels are on the wall, you are done.

Standard & Custom Options

Woodland Planks
Woodland Planks
Woodland Planks
Chad Res back cook area WP

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