Equitone Panels Deliver Flawless Detail

Equitone is a through-colored facade material, resulting in the surface displaying the inner texture and color of the core material.

These unique panels have been produced to show the raw, untreated texture of the fiber cement base material. This is a composite material that can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or onsite.

Equitone material can be solid or perforated and offers flexible fastening methods such as riveting and screwing into metal or wood supporting frames. With Equitone, you're able to achieve flawless, intricate details.

Leading architects of our time, like Souto De Moura, Herman Hertzberger, Delugan Meissl, and many others, have explored and transformed Equitone materials into remarkable facade designs.

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Equitone- James C Ryan Middle School - Fairbanks, AK
EQUITONE linea facade panel side warm

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