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Phenolic Panels

Abet Laminati produces high-pressure laminate panels that are graffiti resistant and highly effective for adverse weather conditions. The leader in phenolic compact exterior cladding panels for rainscreen applications, the panels incorporate a patented, double-hardened acrylic surface combined with industry-leading UV protection.

Abet Laminati wall cladding offers highly technical and aesthetically pleasing results. The style can be adapted to different environments and different customer requirements. Abet Laminati clads public and private buildings according to the designer's creativity, who can sketch their envelope ideas and propose customized cladding.

This technical and robust material can express different concepts and geometries depending on your customized vision. Manufactured under high pressure and temperature, Abet Laminati phenolic resin panels are made from compressing sheets of kraft paper. The natural core material layers and thermosetting resins cure to form solid phenolic panels.

We can replicate this manufacturing process to create various panel decors and finishes. The kraft papers are FSC certified and manufactured from the by-product of sawn timber sourced from sawmills certified to comply with international laws for sustainable forestry.

Abet Laminati
Abet Laminati
Abet Laminati

Components of Phenolic Resin Panels

Abet Laminati high-density wall panels include the following layers:

  • Removable peel copy
  • UV-protective layer for shipping and handling
  • Phenolic core

The heart of the panel is a solid phenolic core with a decorative pattern. The front-facing side has the removable peel coat, which is removed after the wall panel is installed. Lastly, the UV-protective layer filters up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Most functional ventilated façade systems feature a solid phenolic panel and an exposed fastener system. Panels are attached to one-inch sub-framing systems with flexible and economical fastening systems. You can easily adjust around windows and other materials on the building.

Benefits Of Abet Laminati

There are many benefits of using phenolic panels from Abet Laminati. The panels are weather-resistant and can withstand the harshest UV rays from the sun. They also don't attract dirt due to their closed pores. Cleaning and maintaining these panels is inexpensive as they don't accumulate dirt.

Abet Laminati panels are integrated using special techniques and come with decorative surfaces and pigmented resins. The resulting properties make them ideal for a range of applications.

These phenolic panels are eco-friendly since they don't contain toxic halogens such as chlorine or bromine compounds present in PVC and greenhouse emissions. They are also free of asbestos, mercury cadmium, and wood protection agents.

Abet Laminati phenolic panel systems are also an excellent choice for interior applications. You can apply them to your wall lining, bathroom, furniture, lockers, lab work surfaces, etc.

Because of their versatility, phenolic panels are widely used for both residential and mixed-use and in industries such as healthcare, education, transportation, laboratories, and more.

Choose from 100's of homogenously reinforced wall panels with different colors, textures, abstracts, and woodgrains. We are sure you'll find a compact board that meets your project's needs. A special coating gives these phenolic panels an added layer of protection against moisture.

Abet Laminati Versatility

Phenolic resin panels are suitable for rainscreen facades for exterior use or construction. They help create an energy-efficient and long-lasting envelope for a building with a visually pleasing design. They're also great for balconies, soffits, deck flooring, signage, and various other exterior applications.

You can use the phenolic resin panels in spaces where they'll be in constant contact with chemicals or solvents such as lab surfaces or worktops. Abet Laminati panels are non-porous, graffiti resistant, and easy to clean. Best of all, they can resist UV rays without fading in color.

Because of their range of applications, these phenolic wall panels are easy to fabricate and install. They are reinforced for strength, fire-resistant, anti-microbial, and scratch-resistant. Builders can use different types of fasteners during construction. Flexible fabrication means you can work with the panels on the job site or have them fabricated in the factory.

Abet Laminati

Abet Laminati phenolic panels offer a wide product range with unmatched durability.

Abet Laminati
Abet Laminati
Abet Laminati

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