Architectural Louvers & Sunshades

Ruskin Architectural Group is a leading manufacturer of air and sound control products and experts in providing louvers, equipment screen, vision barrier, and sunscreens for architectural applications.  Having a large assortment of choices that offer wind-driven rain and hurricane ratings, Ruskin materials are a great choice for many building projects. 

Ruskin Louvers are available in a variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes that can add unique and attractive features to both interior and exterior elevation. 

Sun control sunshades from Ruskin are both functional and architecturally appealing. They offer energy savings and reduce heat gain through glazing. Constructed of extruded and/or formed aluminum components, Ruskin sunshades provide superior corrosion resistance. 

Custom sunshade designs are available to meet the architectural needs of a structure. Contact AMS for more information.

Beautiful commercial building using architectural materials from AMS
RUSKIN - Lakeside Allergy ENT

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