AMS Metal Soffit Panels, Roofing & Siding

Exterior Metal Products

AMS is a leading manufacturer of exterior architectural metal products offering a variety of high-performance metal roofing, siding, and soffit panels.

Our use of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment operated by skilled personnel assures uniformity and consistency in all AMS manufactured products. All of our machines are maintained within the strictest tolerances and have been fully tested to comply with UL and ASTM industry standards.

AMS supports the architectural community through unparalleled design, flexibility and a variety of building solutions, while offering performance rated structural roofing and siding products. Versatility, durability, and ease of installation are among the many reasons to choose AMS metal roofing and siding panels for your project.

AMS Snap Local Panel

The AMS Snap Lock is our most commonly specified standing seam panel. This panel offers both superior structural panel performance while maintaining architectural aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for your commercial, industrial, institutional and residential needs.

AMS Armor Lock Panel

The AMS Armor Lock is one of our most commonly specified standing seam panels for low slope applications. This panel offers both superior structural performance & maintains architectural aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for commercial, industrial, and institutional needs.

AMS Pro Lock Panel

AMS Pro Lock is the ultimate standing seam panel for any project using specialty metals. Whether you are using Terne Coated Stainless, Aluminum, Copper or a variety of exotic metals, this panel offers superior performance and aesthetics. AMS Pro Lock is ideal for your commercial, industrial, institutional and residential needs.

AMS Flush Panel

AMS Flush Panel is a quality choice for wall, soffit, mansard and fascia applications. The concealed fastener system combined with its flush smooth appearance make this panel a superb choice for all architectural projects that require a distinctive look. Also available for vented soffit and acoustical applications.

On-Site Manufactured Metal Soffit Panels, Roofing, & Siding

At AMS we take pride in having successfully manufactured long length panels on projects up to 100,000+ sq ft with panel lengths in excess of 248’.

Our ability to manufacture metal roof, metal wall, and soffit panels at the job-site provides convenience and creates room for cost savings. An AMS technician will be on-site to personally roll-form each panel. Job-site flexibility means the fast production of panels ready for installation when you want them, sized to last-minute measurements for a perfect fit.

Manufacturing panels on the job-site will eliminate the need for transverse seams which rely on sealants and could be a potential area of water penetration in the future. AMS has the unique ability to provide Hot Melt injected sealant onto the panels. Most manufacturers are only able to provide this important feature in a factory production setting.

Owners and installers benefit by receiving turn-key service from a single vendor with a reputation for quality. All warranties and testing apply for panel production, just as if the materials were produced in-house and shipped to the job-site.

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