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Elevate Your Spaces with LUX Architectural Products

LUX materials are made with durable 24-gauge steel, providing superior defense against the elements.

LUX offers cladding materials in custom lengths ranging from 4 feet to 24 feet, enabling you to secure the optimal size for your building project. When you source LUX cladding materials through Architectural Metal Solutions (AMS), you can count on highly durable materials, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a streamlined building process.

Learn the benefits of LUX architectural products for your building project. Explore three popular LUX cladding products below, then contact us for more information.

LUX Architectural Products


LUX V Groove

LUX V Groove is a stunning grooved cladding system that snaps together for easy installation.

This product is available in 4-inch and 6-inch widths and consists of cold-rolled galvanized steel with a thick metal gauge, providing exceptional strength and durability against exterior weather conditions, no matter the climate in your area.

V Groove panels are suitable for horizontal, vertical, and precise architectural applications, such as soffits.

This product is available in a wide selection of painted finishes to match any design and aesthetic, including finishes that resemble natural wood.

The versatility of this product allows it to fit virtually any architectural design, while its durable metallic construction makes it a long-lasting, reliable option.

V Groove's Kynar paint finish can withstand years of use, providing a new-like exterior long term.

This cladding product has proven a top choice amongst builders throughout Canada and the United States.


LUX Soffit

A building's soffit provides a subtle yet significant architectural appeal along the roof line.

Choosing a beautiful soffit product like LUX Soffit is a surefire way to elevate a building's exterior. LUX Soffit panels boast exceptional natural-looking beauty paired with extreme durability, creating long-lasting protection and elegance for almost any architectural project.

You can install LUX Soffit parallel or perpendicular to the roof line to complement the surrounding architecture. This product blends seamlessly with other LUX cladding products, such as LUX J, LUX Fascia, and LUX V Groove.


LUX panel Soffit products are available in a wide range of wood-grain-like designs and textures, delivering a natural charm for even the most industrial settings.

These claddings come in metallic, textured, opaque finishes and 4-inch or 6-inch builds.

Choose between vented and smooth constructions to ensure the proper ventilation, durability, and protection for your soffit without sacrificing style.


LUX Random Plank

LUX Random Plank is a new LUX architectural product that offers unique beauty and dimensionality for building projects.

This wall cladding is suitable for interior and exterior applications and presents an affordable alternative to other cladding products.

LUX Random Plank's most notable feature is its flexibility.

These planks can seamlessly bend around curves and arches, creating a smooth, rounded finish.

They're also incredibly versatile, as you can install them vertically and horizontally.

LUX Random Plank is available in pre-cut 10-foot and 13-foot lengths, but LUX can custom-cut any planks before shipping.

Like other LUX cladding projects, this trim is available in almost countless wood, metal, and textured finishes.


Key Features of LUX Architectural Products

Versatility: Our LUX Architectural Products are designed to adapt seamlessly to diverse design visions, ensuring flexibility for architects and designers.

Durability: Crafted with precision and using premium materials, our products are engineered to withstand the test of time and the elements.

Innovative Designs: Stay ahead in the world of design with our innovative Lux Architectural Panels and Cladding options, including the popular Wood Grain Plank and Metal Wood Grain series.

Customization: Tailor our architectural materials to suit your project's unique requirements. Our commitment to customization allows you to bring your distinctive vision to life.

3 Simple Steps to Elevated Design

Step 1: Call to Begin the Process

Begin the process by initiating a call with our expert team. Share your vision, preferences, and project requirements, and let us guide you through the process of elevating your spaces with LUX Architectural products.

Step 2: Discuss Your Design Requirements

Engage in a comprehensive discussion with our seasoned professionals to outline your specific architectural needs. Whether it's Lux Architectural Panels, Lux Cladding, or other lux materials, we tailor our solutions to align seamlessly with your project goals.

Step 3: Get the Right LUX Architectural Products

Bring your vision to reality by acquiring the finest LUX Architectural Products. Benefit from our diverse range, including Lux Architectural Panels, Lux Cladding, Wood Grain Plank, Metal Wood Grain, Luxlap, and Lux Fascia. Elevate your spaces with unmatched craftsmanship.

Source High-End Building Materials Through AMS

LUX Architectural Products were meticulously designed and engineered to outperform the competition in design, build, versatility, and affordability, making them an ideal solution for many projects.

When you choose AMS you’re backed by a team of experts who are dedicated to quality customer service and collaboration. Here, we pride ourselves in working together to meet the specific needs of your project with the industry's most innovative and stunning building materials.

If you’re searching for a modern, long-lasting cladding product that’s easy to install, and offers versatility in color and form, we’re confident that you’ve found your solution in LUX Architectural Products. Connect with us today to request samples or inquire about pricing and availability.

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