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Industry-Leading Technical Weaver

Our core competency is the weaving of metals and other materials with pioneering technology in top quality, utilizing interdisciplinary thinking, creative solutions, and customer-oriented service.

We offer mesh solutions for the widest range of applications. We are continuously investing in new weaving technologies and using state-of-the-art simulation techniques and production processes. Together with renowned research institutes, we quickly bring mesh innovations to market maturity.

Depending on the requirements, wire meshes are produced in various weave types. These range from the familiar square mesh in plain weave to complex multi-ply mesh designs. As the world’s leading manufacturer of wire meshes, we can produce sophisticated mesh for highly-specialized processes and applications.

Architectural Mesh: Colors & Surfaces

Metal meshes captivate in the field of architecture thanks to the purist elegance of stainless steel. To enable the use of colors in architecture, GKD has also developed various surface treatment procedures for wire meshes. Depending on the location, colored architectural meshes convey different impressions and appearances.

  • When it comes to innovation, our customers can rely on GKD:
  • We listen to our customers. As a result, we understand where our existing products can be made even better or where new developments are required.
  • We cover a broad range of technologies. This often allows us to transfer experience from one product or application to other areas.

We develop quickly and in an application-oriented manner. We, therefore, secure our customers the innovative edge they need to be successful in their markets.

GKD metal meshes are produced on special wire weaving looms. As one of the most experienced manufacturers of metal mesh, we process a wide range of materials – always precisely tailored to the relevant requirements:

  • High-alloy stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze, brass, nickel, nickel-base alloy
  • Non-alloy steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Precious metals

Furthermore, we process material combinations such as metal and plastic or metal and glass to form hybrid meshes. Depending on the material and weave type, these create porous media with a far greater range of application than textile weaves.

Metal Fabric Facades

GKD is the leading provider of woven metal fabric for architectural solutions. GKD has revolutionized the category of metal fabric applications. Thousands of interior and exterior installations have been constructed worldwide.

Architects and specifiers now recognize GKD as the metal fabric authority. GKD offers design engineering, drawings, and on-site supervision and installation. A new offering from GKD is the Media facade that transforms any building into a dynamic communications medium.

GKD Media Mesh division designs building facades that can fulfill communication functions through the integration of MediaMesh technology in such a way that it enters into a symbiosis with the architecture. GKD will provide complete service from design, manufacturing, and supervision of installation. GKD is dedicated to complete the vision you have for your project.

Architectural woven metal fabrics in marine grade stainless steel and other metals. Presenting a wide range of designs with varying densities, textures and transparencies for walls, ceilings, stairwells, partitions, water features, etc.

Metal Fabric Parking Screens

There are no longer limitations to how good a parking structure can look – or how safe and secure it can be. GKD Metal Fabrics developed the systems and hardware to incorporate stainless steel fabric into a parking structure to create an environment for vehicle security and visual appeal.

Because of the materials transparent characteristic, no mechanical systems are required for ventilation – translating into energy and cost savings.

Practical & Functional Benefits Include:
  • Secure environment that limits unwanted access.
  • Pedestrian safety by way of our balustrade effect.
  • Protection from the elements, including rain, wind, snow, and ice.
  • 50% open area for high visibility and optimum airflow.
  • Cost-effective installation, plus efficiencies associated with the long lifespan of stainless steel.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Sustainable material and process.

Sun Shade Screens

Solar management is a good thing for building owners, occupants, and the environment. GKD metal fabrics provide a dazzling design element while achieving sunshade and daylighting goals.  Energy is saved by reducing interior lighting and interior cooling needs. This increases interior comfort and reduces power costs. Our environmental benefits support LEED opportunities.

Contribution Toward LEED Goals Include:
  • Energy and atmosphere points by reducing air conditioning and lighting electrical loads.
  • Material and resource points because it’s made from recycled material and is recyclable.
  • Sustainable sites points when used as an overhead sunshade to reduce the heat island effect.

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