CEI Materials

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

CEI Materials offer low maintenance and long lasting visual appeal. Available in a variety of materials, colors, finishes, dimensions and textures to match your design needs, including Aluminum, Copper, VMZinc® and Shadow Series.

A truly innovative product, CEI Materials metal wall systems are a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rainscreen that attaches to nearly any substrate. It doesn’t require joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape, which eliminates maintenance challenges common with other materials.

The patented design has passed the most stringent air, water and structural testing requirements in the industry, including the AAMA 508-07 test for pressure equalized rainscreens, as well as Miami-Dade County hurricane testing.

Superior in design, maintenance, and installation, AMS materials hit the mark for a variety of projects.


CEI Materials is the Secret Ingredient

The creative possibilities for CEI Materials are limitless. They are both beautiful and resilient. It's no wonder why CEI Materials are the leading manufacturer of architectural surfaces.

CEI Materials are the preferred building ingredient for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Available in a variety of colors, finishes, dimensions, and textures with very low maintenance.

You’ll find endless design options that can tie into the community’s architectural style or stand out creatively.

Metal Composite Materials (MCM) Panels

MCM Panel Systems have numerous advantages, such as strength, durability, competitive price, and easy installation. Not to mention, MCM is corrosion-resistant. They possess desirable qualities of being lightweight and rigid, exceptionally flat, manipulable, and colorful.

CLADLOK™ Modular Panels

The options for CLADLOK™ are beyond what you can get with generic rainscreen systems. Durable functionality and endless design opportunities are what make CLADLOK™ unique. 

Aluminum Plate Panels

Aluminum Plate panels offer the flatness and stiffness of MCM but with the dent resistance and recyclability of sheet metal. This material includes a vast amount of design options, available in numerous colors and finishes. Aluminum Plate panels are excellent for facades that need highly technical and visual requirements.

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