High-Performance Exterior Building Materials


Shaping Structures with Durabilty, Aesthetics, and Efficiency

In the world of construction and architecture, exterior building materials play a pivotal role in shaping a structure's visual appeal, durability, and energy efficiency. The choice of these architecture materials defines the overall appearance and contributes to the building's longevity and performance. At AMS, we understand the significance of selecting the right exterior building materials for every project, and we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality materials that cater to diverse architectural needs.

Exploring Architectural Diversity with Exterior Building Materials

Architectural materials used for exteriors must strike a delicate balance between aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability. From commercial skyscrapers to residential complexes, the exterior building material selection sets the tone for the entire structure.

From timeless options like brick, stone, and wood to cutting-edge alternatives like fiber cement panels and metal cladding, architects and builders have various materials to realize their design visions. AMS provides many options, allowing architects, contractors, and designers to craft visually striking facades that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment.


Our commitment to your construction project starts from design and material procurement all the way to the last rivet or screw on the project. We take great pride in your successful project!

Featured Architectural Materials

Featured Architectural Materials


Facade Materials: Where Art Meets Engineering

The facade of a building is its face to the world, and facade materials must fulfill artistic and functional requirements. The choice of materials, colors, and textures can convey a building's identity, whether a sleek, modern skyscraper or a rustic countryside cottage. Our collection of exterior building materials includes a range of facade solutions, from timeless classics to modern innovations.

These building exterior materials enhance the building's visual appeal as well as contribute to insulation, weather resistance, and structural integrity. Whether traditional cladding or innovative paneling, AMS offers a spectrum of choices to transform any vision into reality.

Cladding Material: Forming the First Impression

Cladding materials, an integral aspect of modern architecture, serve as both protective armor and design elements for buildings. Cladding materials are the outer layer that envelops a building, offering protection against the elements while making a strong architectural statement. Their versatility allows architects and designers to experiment with textures, colors, and patterns, creating striking visual impressions and enhancing a building's durability.

Our portfolio includes an extensive variety of cladding materials, each with distinct attributes catering to specific design preferences and environmental demands. From sleek metallic finishes to warm wood textures, our cladding materials create an impactful first impression that lasts.


Elevating Commercial Building Exteriors

Commercial buildings demand exterior materials that align with their purpose, brand identity, and architectural intent. From towering office complexes to retail centers, we provide commercial building exterior materials that not only meet the rigorous demands of commercial use but also contribute to creating memorable and attractive exteriors.

Our selection of exterior building materials extends to the needs of commercial projects, where durability and visual appeal are paramount. Incorporating visually striking cladding materials, advanced facade systems, and sustainable construction techniques can transform a conventional commercial space into an eye-catching landmark.

The Plan – 3 Steps to Success

Step 1: Request More Information & Samples

Call our team of experts to request information about our exterior building materials and transform the exterior of your building with AMS materials.

Step 2: Select High-Performance Materials From AMS

AMS provides a wide variety of exterior building materials that seamlessly blend design, durability, and practicality.

Step 3: See Your Stunning Project Come to Completion

We will provide you with the best exterior building facade materials so you see the enhanced appearance of your building.

Crafting Iconic Building Facades

The exterior building facade is more than just an envelope; it's an opportunity to create an iconic and lasting impression. At AMS, we recognize that every project is unique, and the exterior building materials should reflect individuality. Our materials provide the foundation for architects and designers to create awe-inspiring facades that harmonize with the surrounding environment and stand the test of time.

Choosing the right exterior building materials is essential in a world where aesthetics, durability, and sustainability are paramount. AMS offers a curated selection of materials that cater to a diverse range of architectural styles, ensuring that every project leaves a lasting mark while meeting functional requirements.


Superior Exterior Building Materials for Successful Projects

As exterior building material manufacturers ourselves, we fully understand the importance of providing quality products to ensure a successful project. This encompasses the expertise and industry knowledge of our staff to the products and architectural materials we choose to partner with.

We have found great success in ensuring the right exterior building materials are chosen for each application and project. As such, we have established long-term relationships with the highest quality facade and rainscreen manufacturers from the US and overseas.
These partnerships allow our customers and designers to choose from a variety of high-performing architectural materials in one location, allowing for time and resource savings.

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