About AMS

AMS is a Leading Cladding Supplier in the Pacific Northwest

At AMS, we support both the design community and our customers from project conception to completion.

We have earned a quality reputation as a leading cladding supplier of the Pacific Northwest. We provide a variety of high-performance exterior building envelope materials such as high-density fiber cement, phenolic compact panels, extruded aluminum plate panels, ventilated and closed joint rainscreens, state-of-the-art pressure equalized rainscreen systems, and metal roofing and siding.

We have the unique ability to offer architects and our customers an endless combination of choices resulting in innovative solutions. With our extensive network of quality building envelope manufacturers, AMS can offer an unmatched source of variety and solutions for your project.

At AMS, we are dedicated to long-term relationships. We are committed to both quality and innovation in our exterior building materials and service. We have the people, exterior building materials, and expertise to exceed expectations.

AMS building facades of the Embassy Suites-Hawk Tower in Seattle, WA.

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